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Freedom from #TechnologySlavery in Medical Devices

What is our mission?

We are paralyzed. Dependent on imports for life-critical technologies for far too long. This has resulted in abnormally high cost of healthcare, to limited localization of designs better suited for our population.

We are on a mission, to become the de-facto company from India, which can provide high-quality medical devices to surgeons across therapy areas at affordable rates. With over 150+ years of combined experience across Medical Device R&D and Innovation, Metallurgy & Bio-materials, Electro-Mechanical Products, we are a product development machine aiming to address all the existing and upcoming unmet needs.

For us, the patient’s well-being is and always will be the center of focus. With this in mind, we are focussing all our energies, to devise solutions that are minimally invasive (until it is unavoidable), yet give excellent clinical results.

India's 1st MedTech Company leveraging Education-Led-Commerce

Indian Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons,
is a community By the Doctors, For the Doctors

Bots ‘N Brains is the exclusive partner for IAOS
to build an Inclusive Ecosystem
of Education & Product development

IAOS, Indian Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, is a registered body with exclusive and restricted membership to qualified orthopedic surgeons only

The academy is established with the solitary aim of disseminating knowledge of methods and techniques for an orthopedic surgeon. IAOS has published 24 books, in the last 3 years and has conducted 5 online certificate courses so far.

20+ Books, 5+ Courses, 3000+ Case studies
And 12000+ surgeon members from India and Abroad.


We have a wide range of portfolio across:

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