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Arthroscope Telescope (30° Viewing Angle, 4mm)

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“Arthroscopes are telescopic devices that enable visualization and therapeutic treatment of the interior of a joint
(e.g., knee, shoulder, wrist, elbow, hip, ankle). An arthroscope consists of a magnifying-lens system sealed within a rigid tube. The lens system is surrounded by optical fibers that transmit light to the interior of the joint from a distant source. Accessory equipment includes irrigation/distention systems, fiberoptic light sources, camera systems, laser, and electrosurgical and shaver accessories.Diagnostic and operating arthroscopes function similarly.”

Technical Specifications


Certification CE Certified
Category Arthroscopy
No of Lenses 3 Lenses
Design HD Scope, Protective Tip, Non Snap Fit, Colour Coded
Viewing Angle 30°
Compaitable With Storz
Diameter 4mm
Type Rigid
Use Multiple Use/Sterilizable
Country of Origin India

Cleaning and Sterilization

“The endoscope has three optical surfaces that must be cleaned and inspected routinely to ensure both maximum transmission of illumination and a high quality image.
All optics and surfaces of the scope should be cleaned with warm water and a pH-neutral cleaning and disinfecting solution recommended for reprocessing medical endoscopes.
Remove the light post fittings and let the endoscope soak inside the pH-neutral solution. Closely followthe manufacturer’s instructions for appropriate chemical concentrations and immersion time.
Thoroughly rinse the endoscope and fittings to remove the cleaning solution. After the scope and fittings are dry, inspect the instrument for any remaining stains.
It is important to closely check the three optical surfaces, as detailed above, to ensure that proper cleaning has been achieved for optimum performance.

Note: Never clean and/or sterilize endoscopes together with other instruments unless they are individually secured within a specialized cleaning container.”

Use and Maintenance

Use Orthopedic surgeon
Maintenance Medical staff, manufacturer/servicer, biomedical engineering staff, technicians
Training Initial training by manufacturer and manual


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