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Foot Switch Control


Foot control switch is used to operate the shaver system. It has forward, oscillatory and reverse pedals which when pressed will rotate the handpiece and the rotatory blade in the respective direction.


Modes Forward, Reverse, Oscillating
Console Control Increase and Decrease Speed Sturdy Design

Cleaning and Sterilization

The footswitch provided is non-sterile and must not be sterilized. To clean and disinfect, unplug the cord from the console and add the protective cap to the connector. Use a commercially available cleaning disinfectant for surfaces. Alkaline agents with a pH value > 8 are to be avoided. Clean the footswitch with an enzymatic cleaner without subsequent acid neutralization. Rinse the footswitch thoroughly after cleaning. After cleaning, disinfect the footswitch with a commercially available surface disinfectant, thoroughly rinse the footswitch under lukewarm water.

Use and Maintenance

Use Orthopedic surgeon
Maintenance Medical staff, manufacturer/servicer, biomedical engineering staff, technicians
Training Initial training by manufacturer and manual



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