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High Flow Sheath 30° (2.7 mm)



Sheaths a are required for arthroscopic surgery, and they must accommodate the arthroscope and accessory equipment being used. When possible, sharp instruments should be placed through sheaths to protect the soft tissues of the skin portals. The motorized instruments can be used with or without a sheath. The initial perforation through the capsular and synovial tissue may be made with a blade and blunt trocar or with a sharp trocar carefully passed through the appropriate instrument sheath. Some systems allow cannulas to be interchanged for inflow, arthroscope, and motorized shaver systems. Disposable plastic cannulas with sealed ends reduce fluid extravasation.

Technical Specifications

Material High Quality Medical Grade SS
Working Length 185mm
Diameter 2.7mm
Vieweing Angle 30°
Design High Flow, Two rotatable stop cocks, holes at distal end.
Locking System Non- snap Lock
Use Multiple Use/Sterilizable
Country of Origin India

Cleaning and Sterilization

Designed to achieve Next- Level Clean, the normal flow sheath can be completely disamantled for inspection and cleaning. Immediately after use the instruments have to be soaked in a combined disinfection and cleaning solution in order to prevent operation residues to dry on and a transmission of germs in the endoscopy rooms. Cleaning agents and disinfection solution have to match. Please observe the respective guidelines for these substances. The instruments have to undergo a thorough cleaning process, because detergents, blood, pus, and protein residues may influence the disinfection and sterilization procedure.

Use and Maintenance

Use Orthopedic surgeon
Maintenance Medical staff, manufacturer/servicer, biomedical engineering staff, technicians
Training Initial training by manufacturer and manual


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