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Punch Downward 15°



Small, aggressive tip design and narrow shaft provide excellent maneuverability and multiple plane-cutting capabilities in the posterior horn of the meniscus – even in the tightest joint. Wave-tooth design allows for the maximum amount of tissue to be smoothly resected in tight knees. Provides optimum maneuverability under the condoyle and allows greater posterior advancement.


Angle Downward 15°

Cleaning and Sterilization

Remove gross soiling, blood and organic matter after surgery. Clean the instruments with sterile water (not saline).
Manual cleaning in enzymatic soak solution.
Ultrasonic cleaners – Fine cleaning (hollow and tubular instrument).
Wiped and dried with clean dry sponge before storage.
Care of the personnel handling instruments – aerosolization, splashing of infectious material, injury from sharp objects.

Instruments should be properly arranged in trays.
Sharp instrument tips should be covered with caps.
Instruments with moving parts should be lubricated after cleaning with water soluble lubricant.

Ethylene Oxide gas – good disinfectant
Steam autoclave – Probes, punches, graspers (mechanical instruments)
Arthroscope, light cable – Cidex, Steris (paracetic acid solution) – 30 mins

Use and Maintenance

Use Division of tissue bridges
R/O deg. Meniscal tissue
Division of scar tissue
Detachment of loose cartilage flap
Peacemeal removal of soft tissue bodies



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